• Looks great on your transcript when you apply for college
  • You can earn a GPA bump! A “B” in an AP class counts as an “A” on your GPA. That’s how some students earn above a 4.0
  • Be in a class with people like you, that care about school and want to learn
  • It’s a good first AP class to take and opens the door to more AP opportunities as a junior and senior
  • AP Human Geo fulfills the 10th grade world history grad requirement


Can I get college credit for an AP class?

Yes. A passing score on a national exam in May qualifies you for college credit. That said, if college credit is your only objective, WHS offers you free classes at Cabrillo. Talk to your counselor for more info.

Is there a lot of homework?

That depends on what we are doing in class, there is homework when it’s needed, but homework is never assigned just for the sake of assigning homework.

What kind of homework?

Studying for quizzes and exams, completing an assignment you couldn’t finish in class, assignments that take place over a series of days, and some independent learning/note-taking.

Do we get assigned reading from a textbook?

NOO!! You do get a textbook at the beginning of the year. It stays home and can be used as a reference. This website acts as your “textbook” and includes videos, audio files, text, images and graphics as well as a study guide for each section.

I’m interested, but I’m kinda scared

Then you are EXACTLY who should be in this class! That feeling you have is what you’re supposed to feel as you get ready for a challenge. It means you care. It’s what makes a challenge–a challenge. All I need from you is your full effort and a positive attitude, if you can commit to those two things I can commit to support you as your first AP teacher.