Your Bill Becoming a Law

Think of a bill you would like to become a law. It doesn’t have to be an existing bill, this is about YOU choosing. Once you have your idea, you’ll be creating a flow chart of your bill’s probable progress through our current Congress.


1. If you were a lawmaker, what kind of bill would you like to write and pass? The answer to that question will be the “bill” you use for this assignment.
2. Then create a flow-chart to map out the paths your bill would need to take to become a law in today’s congress.
3. You will need content from 2.2—Structures, Powers, and Functions of Congress to determine the steps your bill needs to take. Use the study guide on 2.2 as a checklist (meaning where the bill originates, the leadership roles, committees, debate rules, etc.)
4. You’ll need some help from the internet, peers, and Jones to help figure out the current makeup of the House of Representatives and the United States Senate.

Think of your flow chart like a map to a destination. Like any map, there are multiple ways to arrive at a location. So if you travel one way, and see a road closed, you might take a different way instead. So think of the town map as the pathways a bill might take on its way to its location–becoming a law!

2022 midterm election results for house (top)and senate (bottom)