Balancing Individual Freedom with Public Order & Safety

Think about this, if everyone had unlimited freedom, no one would be safe. Unlimited freedom would, by definition, include the freedom to destroy and steal property, and cause harm to others. Courts have to find ways to balance individual freedom with order and safety for the public as a whole. This section discusses how the courts have accomplished this, and examines instances when safety and public order outweighed individual freedom as well as the opposite.

What you need to learn

Skill to Practice: Supporting arguments using relevant evidence (in this case, how public safety & order outweighs individual freedom for a given topic, or visa-versa.


-Individual Freedom vs. Public Safety

 Eighth Amendment

Second Amendment

Fourth Amendment

Stop to think

How would you balance social order & safety with our individual freedoms & rights?

-gun rights vs. mass shootings.

-surveillance technology vs. right to privacy and rights against unreasonable searches.


-Patriot Act

-Executive Order

Court Cases


U.S. Constitution, Amendment Two, Four, & Eight,