Freedom of Religion

The First Amendment of the United States guarantees the free practice of religion, but like all of our rights, there are limits. It is the courts role to balance the protection of majority religions with the free exercise of the minority religions. Under the establishment clause of the First Amendment, the government is restricted from establishing (or favoring) any religion–majority or minority. Finally, like all of our rights, courts are constantly balancing between individual liberties & freedoms with the protection of public safety and order.

What you need to learn

Skill to Practice: Describe the facts, reasoning, decision, and majority opinion of required Supreme Court cases

Study Guide:

-practice of religion vs. belief 

-practice of majority vs the free exercise of minority practice

-establishment clause

-free exercise clause

“wall of separation” and “separation between church & state”

Johnson Amendment

Employment Division v. Smith*

Court Cases

Engel v. Vitale
Wisconsin v. Yoder


United States Constitution, 1st Amendment