The Bill of Rights

This section is an introduction to the Bill of Rights. Being introduced to them here should help you understand each of these rights in depth. This is not a history class, but history does come up because these documents were written so long ago. When history does come up, we want to focus on the democratic principles and legal arguments presented and understand how these shaped our government & our rights.

What you need to learn

A general understanding of how the U.S. Constitution protects our liberties and rights and a general understanding of each of those rights.


-Arguments for including the Bill of Rights.

-Arguments for NOT including a Bill of Rights

-How the Constitution applies to The Federal Government vs state governments.

-A general understanding of Amendments 1 to 10


-civil liberties vs civil rights

-Federalists, Antifederalist

-Bill of Rights

Court Cases


U.S. Constitution, Amendments 1-10 & 14