2.13—Discretionary & Rule-Making Authority

This section explains the powers and responsibilities of the federal bureaucracy and examples of bureaucratic offices and how they impact daily life in the United States today.

What you need to learn

How does the federal bureaucracy use its authority to carry out it’s responsibilities?

Powers of the Bureaucracy

delegated discretionary authority

rule making authority


Department of Homeland Security

Department of Transportation

Department of Veteran Affairs

Department of Education

Environmental Protection Agency

Federal Elections Commission

Securities and Exchange Commission

Federal Trade Commission

Department of Agriculture

Department of Justice

Department of Housing & Urban Development

Department of Health & Human Services


United States Post Office

Department of Special Council

Federal Bureaucracy Digital Posters


1. You and a partner will be assigned one of the federal bureaucracy offices above.
2. You will create a digital poster on Canva about your assigned office using the requirements listed below.
3. You will have your poster complete & turned in before the next class period so that your poster can be printed in color and hung around the room.
4. Your poster will be used to help teach examples of federal bureaucratic offices, their roles, and how they impact life in the U.S.
5. Because this assignment is being used by your peers, this assignment will not be accepted late.


Name of assigned office

It’s logo

Who is the current head of this office (name and pic)

What does it do?

Examples of policy/discretionary rules impacting life in the U.S. today


How do I turn it in:

DOWNLOAD A PNG OR PDF from Canva, submit that file on the classroom assignment so that it can be printed in color for you and then used by your classmates

Will I have time next class to finish?

No. You will have a small window of time to get it downloaded and submitted, but it won’t be enough time to also work on it

Will I be able to turn it in late?

No, not this one. Because we are using this in class to learn, it needs to be on time. If it’s turned in late, then it no longer serves its purpose

What size do I make?

Regular paper size is 8.5×11 or 11×8.5 inches.